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La Belle Fleur FloristsDiane Dolan, Owner

I have always been drawn to great moments in life; birth, marriage, death, and the many points between that are marked by ceremony. I find the beauty of art and nature to be compelling aspects of our existence. By combining these elements, momentous occasions and beauty, I have found significant rewards in my life as a florist. I have sold corsages to young men attending their first proms and have later prepared wedding bouquets for their young brides. I have helped them celebrate the birth of their babies or navigate the passing of a parent.

The one constant in all these times is that I have been able to listen to the stories, enjoying each person’s unique vision, applying my knowledge of flowers to their view of the world, their hope for the future and their memories of the past. Since the moment I began selling flowers at a street stand in San Francisco, I have appreciated how flowers communicate feelings and passions that are not so easily expressed, how they heighten our joy or begin to heal our pain.

Throughout history, the expression of meaning through gifts, especially the transitory gift of flowers, has held a special connection to humanity. The language of flowers has been deemed so important that samurai warriors were schooled in flower arranging and European kings commissioned books on the meaning of roses. Flowers are an inspiration and bind us to both our mortality and our immortality as we continue to try to bridge the gaps between our separate selves. It has been my privilege to attempt to unite, with diligence and attention, the human event to the language of flowers.

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